Praktijk voor Communicatie - Annemarie Kamstra-Cronjé  BA (Log) BA (HOD) MA (Sen) Coach
Communication problems, dyslexia, learning and behavioural problems, a negative self concept, stress, anxiety, hypersensitivity or traumatic experiences are treated as opportunities for personal growth and development.
The client and his /her personal circumstances, determine the course of the treatment. Important are biographical information, health, motor and sensory development, speech and language development, personality dynamics, emotional development and personal learning style. Families can be involved in the treatment. If the child or youngster is under age, the parents are always involved.
The treatment is customized to suit the needs of the client.
EFT,  NLP,  BSP, Mindfulness  and the Human Givens approach are  implemented in combination with a biographical approach. Emotional disturbances, stress, anxiety and depression that curb development and personal growth, are dealt with.

Speech Therapy. Specialization in severe dyslexia.

Coaching of parents and children in attachment, zelf regulation and competence.

Mediated learning® wants to give the client the conviction and the ability to function as adequately as possible within his/her own capabilities. The development of the personal qualities and abilities of the client is the central theme. This method is based on the theories of professor Klein (MISC), professorTzuriel, professor Lidz (Dynamic Assessment) and professor Haywood ( Bright Start).

Mesker and Tan-Söderbergh neuropsychological development programs that give special attention to motor development and  handwriting skills, in combination  with language development.

Video coaching can be used to aid the development of communication and to influence (learning) behaviour.
Kinesiology can be used to augment the treatment.

Brainwave entrainment to enhance brainhemisphere  congruity can be customized to individual needs.
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